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If you’d like to receive the latest news and information from Autodesk, you can subscribe to HotNews. Each newsletter contains articles, special offers, and news about the industry. Subscriptions are completely customizable, so you can choose which topics to receive and which ones to unsubscribe from. Subscribe to HotNews in MY AUGI. To subscribe, simply visit your profile page and click on the “Subscribe to HotNews” option.

In HotNews, you can subscribe to specific topics or products to receive updates on specific software components. Important Notes will outline new features, functionality, and use instructions for each product. You can also find reference instructions and filter news by category to get just what you’re looking for. You can subscribe to HotNews for free or pay a small subscription fee for a customized newsletter. You’ll be notified via email whenever new features are available, so you can stay informed without having to read a large volume of news.

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The news section of HotNews features the latest headlines from Romania. Topics covered on HotNews include Brexit, the Romanian economy, and politics. Additionally, the website publishes opinion pieces, video documentaries, and podcasts. HotNews is updated several times daily in both Romanian and English. HotNews is easy to subscribe to using your MY AUGI profile. It’s updated daily in both languages and offers a wide variety of content.

SAP HotNews are priority 1 notes published by SAP. These notes contain fixes and solutions for common SAP system problems. They may also contain security-related content, including code corrections or instructions for updating software components. Typically, HotNews notes contain a CVE identifier. The purpose of SAP HotNews is to improve the security of your SAP systems. The following are examples of SAP HotNews: