Autodesk HotNews – A Legal Remedy For Content-Based Violations


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While the concept of “hot news” is still not fully defined, the concept has become a legal remedy in certain circumstances. A recent case involving a company claiming that another company had copied a hot news article without proper attribution has provided an example. While the case is unlikely to occur again, the principle of hot news is a viable legal remedy for some content-based violations. As long as a plaintiff follows these guidelines, hot news claims may become a viable legal remedy.

The first usage of the term “hot news” dates back to 1918, when the Associated Press and the International News Service competed to distribute news. During that time, journalists from both organizations were responsible for producing news articles for AP affiliate newspapers. These journalists would have the most accurate coverage of major events. However, the term “hot news” wasn’t used as it is today. In some cases, copyright laws prevent the use of hot news as well.

The concept of “hot news” has its origins in 1918, when the United States Supreme Court first recognized the term in a case involving a newspaper and the International News Service. This case involved a newspaper stealing war reports from AP journalists overseas. While the term “hot news” is now recognized in five states, its use is likely limited to rare cases. However, the existence of this term depends on copyright laws. A court decision in 1918 ruled that the term is enforceable in five states, so the use of it is likely to remain an issue in the future.

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